Manchester Dental Specialists 

Since the establishment of the GDC list of dental specialists, there has been a rapid advancement of specialisation in dentistry in the UK. Some patients require treatment by a specialist and this may involve equipment not readily available in all practices. Our team of dentists are all registered specialists and therefore each is recognised as a specialist in their field.

We provide most aspects of specialist dentistry, so there is no need for patients to travel to other practices, no matter how complex the treatment required and how many specialists need to be involved.

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New procedures in dentistry are constantly being developed and our team employ the most up to date skills, materials, techniques and equipment. Some of our team are qualified in more than one discipline but we each take responsibility for one particular aspect of patient care.

The specialities covered include Periodontics, Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Temporomandibular Disorders and Surgical Dentistry. We also have a particular interest in Cosmetic Dentistry. We all have expertise in General Dental Practice, Hospital Clinical Dentistry, Academic Dentistry, Research and Teaching. We all have many years experience in helping dentists and their patients from all over the UK and beyond. It is our policy, as we are an independent referral service, to treat patients only for the problem for which they have been referred. Upon completion of this treatment the patient will be returned to their own dentist for their continuing general dental care.

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