Prosthodontics can involve treatment ranging from the routine to the more complex and patients are usually referred with a variety of concerns. These concerns range from cosmetic worries, conventional treatment for patients with for example, a difficult bite, restoration of worn teeth, replacement of dentures with an alternative, better solution, to restoration of dental implant supported crowns or bridgework.

Teeth of an unsightly, discoloured or eroded appearance can also have a significant effect on a person's confidence and well being.

Deteriorating and worn teeth are becoming more prevalent and require careful management and protection. Many patients can be treated with relatively straightforward procedures to return the tooth to a natural form and function.

Restorative treatments probably encompass the widest range of skills in dentistry most of which are very 'operator sensitive'. The replacement of failing 'metal' fillings with non-metallic alternatives often provides a significant improvement in unsightly teeth.

Cosmetic rehabilitation can take place in the form of tooth whitening procedures such as bleaching, porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges which can be incorporated together or used independently to dramatically enhance the appearance of a patients teeth and smile.

Current techniques change constantly and Manchester Dental Specialists can provide state of the art treatment with an underlying philosophy of an evidenced based and clinically proven background.